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Discussion in 'Computer Memory and Hard Drives' started by PurpleSnow, Sep 30, 2010.

  1. PurpleSnow

    PurpleSnow Member

    I got a Kingston 8GB flash drive and something weird is up with it. I was busy with a windows 7 unattended setup that runs from the drive. but after a few failures, I formatted the drive and now it says 8mb....

    How do I fix this now... I tried formatting with a few utilities but nothing seems to work.

  2. bkribbs

    bkribbs New Member

    Have you checked to see if it is maybe partitioned? I would download GParted and try looking at it on there and see what it says. I know I was messing with a Chromium Install, and after the install, my 2 gig flash drive came up as 693 mb. I have to reallocate memory. Which you can do with GParted.
  3. techkingston08

    techkingston08 New Member

    Before doing any troubleshooting you should check to see if it is an authentic Kingston drive. There are many counterfeits out there and your problem description is typical of the counterfeits. You can check the authenticity by looking at the metal USB connector that fits into the computer. Kingston laser etches three lines of numbers on one side of the metal connector. If those do not exist then it is not actually made by Kingston and that would explain why it is failing. Sometimes the counterfeiters will use very low capacity flash memory chips inside and program the controller to report to Windows a much larger capacity. This could be why yours now shows as 8MB.

    If it is a legit drive then the partition table might have become corrupted. In which case try GParted like bkribbs mentioned. Also there is a free format program that might help. Google HP USB Disk Storage Format. Either of these utilities might correct the problem.

    Last resort, call Kingston Tech Support 800-435-0640. If it is an authentic drive they will replace it for you.
  4. PurpleSnow

    PurpleSnow Member

    ok so I checked for the print on the metal, there aint any. But I searched the serial and it picks up as Kingston, but any case, since it may be generic is there a way still to fix it.

    I cant get GParted working can anyone help me out.

    I also got a Sony VAIO 16GB and it shows correctly but loses data. Want to try fix it to. So if anyone knows more abt GParted Ill appreciate some help.
  5. MyCattMaxx

    MyCattMaxx Active Member

    On the one that loses data, it may be that you aren't ejecting properly
  6. PurpleSnow

    PurpleSnow Member

    ive never had any problems like that before but will give it a try.

    So anybody have any info for me on GParted.....

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