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    I have a client that has a metal building that he is trying to get a better wireless signal to. Currently the router is in the attic of the house which is about 100 feet or so away. His workstation with his laptop is right next to the exterior wall facing the house. Wireless signal is ok but not great, sometimes unable to browse web. Currently getting about 2 bars on the wireless signal. We were wondering if there was any viable solution to either increase signal strength or install an outside access point receiving wireless from router and then transferring that into an ethernet cable going to the laptop. I told him about the Ubiquiti products but not sure if they are able to transfer to an ethernet cable. Also, would like to keep below $100 or so.

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    Yeah, inside of the metal building is going to suck since the materials really act like a Faraday cage. We had this problem a lot when I worked at Ferrellgas, metal shed type of units in the middle of nowhere that can't get any sort of cellular signal inside of the building.

    A bridge with an externally mounted antenna is probably your best bet. Some of the Ubiquiti Nanostations can do a bridge between two units (providing the same connectivity to wired clients using a wifi uplink).

    You'd need a pair if your current AP doesn't support WDS for bridging.
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