A computer for video editing


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What kind of computer hardware and features are important for video editing?

The reason I ask is because my computer that I use now is already being pushed to its' limit with just web browsing and media viewing and I'm considering either upgrading my machine or perhaps buying an entire new computer altogether. Does anyone know the kind of computers that video editors use? Any links to computers that I can buy from an online vendor is more than welcome so I can get a good idea of what sort of price range I'm looking at.

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You need one with 4 cores (quad core) or greater. It depends on what you are doing. You may also benefit from a professional class nvidia graphics card that does a lot of the 3D work. Otherwise if you are simply rendering then you will want to get a LGA2011 board with a 6 core mid-range sandybridge-e part.


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Video editing?
I've been making videos off of my digital camera and I was wondering if there was a simple video editing program that I could download. Just so I could cut some parts out, place some together, and add cool effects. Anyone know of anything like that?