Action style gameplay killed the 'Resident Evil' series...

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    When I was way, way young (like the year 2000 young), I became a huge fan of the Resident Evil games. I'd really never played anything quite like them, ever. The remake in 2002 is still creepy and gorgeous, and in my opinion, the GameCube was very underrated. Games like that one proved it wasn't just a kid's console either. Then I got into other somewhat similar games like Silent Hill, but once Team Silent split up years ago, the series was later handled poorly by American companies that didn't understand what made those games so great in the first place. Playing them just induced nausea.

    Sadly, Capcom messed up the Resident Evil franchise in 2005. Resident Evil 4 is arguably not a bad game in itself, but it certainly wasn't worthy of receiving the name it carried, and for years, Capcom didn't even know what to do with it as they went through so many versions that were ultimately scrapped. Even games like Alone in the Dark (which Capcom kind of originally copied in the 90's) then went the same route as 4 and was just so bad at it.

    Resident Evil 5 and 6 are like awful Hollywood flops and the addition of co-op, collecting treasures and having an emphasis on shooting destroyed all the horror aspects, for the most part anyway. Although I did enjoy both Revelations games, but all the spin off titles and animated films seem to be vastly unconnected to the main story, so there's huge plot gaps everywhere nowadays, and it took them years to bring back Rebecca and Barry. There's all these sinister organizations now and everything. None of it makes any sense. Plus, they constantly have the same protagonists, and since Wesker died, the villains have all mostly been disposable, filler-fodder. How the heck can these games really be scary any more when these people you play as have been there, done it all, and bought the stinky blood soaked shirt? Maybe it's time to introduce new characters. They did give us a new guy with Ethan Winters a year ago, but he wasn't that great of a character. Come on! At least they tried to do something different with 7 I suppose, and it has sold a lot of units just the same.

    What do you think? Will the Resident Evil 2 remake suck? Rumours indicate it may be a third person shooter.
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    I loved watching and play Resident Evil on the Game Cube. That game had some pretty decent graphics for the time. I remember my Bro playing it while it was stormy and lightning out. Just added to the whole thing. Was awesome! Good times. I played my fair share of RE 2 as well. I loved using the shotgun and walking up to the zombie and blow their heads off. One shot one kill. I might be interested in a RE 2 remake. I haven't played RE in years and never kept up. The last shoot 'em up horror game I played was F.E.A.R. That had some of the best damn AI I ever seen. You literally had to watch your ass. LOL
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