Adding a Blu Ray drive to laptop?

Discussion in 'CD/DVD/Blu-ray Technology' started by fej180, May 14, 2012.

  1. fej180

    fej180 New Member

    I am pondering the idea of replacing my DVD drive with a Blu Ray drive for my laptop. The laptop I have now is just an HP Pavilion dv6. I was looking at this one.

    Do you guys know if that would work with my laptop? Would it be pretty easy to replace? I am pretty handy with computers, I have built a few desktops, but haven't gotten around much in a laptop. Thanks for your help.

  2. ColdFeet

    ColdFeet New Member

    I also have HP Pavilion dv6 and the link you posted in your post will work perfect as I have the same 1 in my laptop:) it is also easy put in
  3. tech savvy

    tech savvy Active Member

    Yep, that would work. On most laptops it's only one screw holding it in, then it just slides out, then just slide the new one in and replace the screw,GL.
  4. Gun

    Gun Member

    Not really. You just put a Blu Ray disc in, as you would a CD Drive.

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