AIO Failing?

I have an h100i that I've been using for about 3.5 years. I moved it from a 6700k system into a 9900k build today. When running Cinebench a number of cores are hitting 100C.

I've tried troubleshooting what I could. In bios I set the pump header to 100%, repasted twice, and reinstalled the backplate. I am using two Nocuta NF-F12s with it and they end up running at 100% to compensate.

The one thing I've noticed is I can feel heat coming off the fan closest the tubes, but not the other. Are there any other checks I can do? I'm not comfortable running the CPU at those temps, but want to exhaust any troubleshooting before ordering a replacement.



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look closely at the tubes on the cold side for sounds like they may just might be time for a new cooler.
I'll give them a look. If I remember correctly one was warmer than the other. Also there is a but more slushing around that I recall before.

I have ordered a Noctua Nd-h15 in the meantime and am trying to setup a warranty replace.