All-in-one home printer recommendations?


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Hi, folks. I'm new to this website/forum.

I'm looking for recommendations on an all-in-one printer for occasional home use. By "all-in-one" I'm referring to print/scan/fax/WiFi capabilities. Features like double-sided printing or the ability to handle longer paper lengths are not necessary. So far, the Epson WorkForce Pro WF-3720 and the Canon TR8520 seem to fit the bill. Any thoughts? We're also (ideally) looking for a printer that isn't terribly large. It doesn't need to be able to hold an entire ream of paper at once. Additionally, based on what I've read online, I'm leery of HP printers. It sounds like buying one means you're also "subscribing" to their ink cartridge program. Is this accurate? Is this something you can opt out of? Again, our home printing needs are minimal. We won't need to (nor will we want to) send and receive ink cartridges by mail on a regular basis.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts. Thanks for your time!


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You didn't mention whether you need to print photo quality pictures or color printing.

If you don't require either of those, then I recommend a monochrome laser printer. I purchased a Brother MFC laser printer about 6 years ago and would never consider going back to an ink jet printer.

A laser printer costs slightly more than an ink jet to purchase (although the price for them has dropped quite a bit since I bought mine) but the cost per printed page is much lower for a laser. My laser printer always works without issue whereas when I had ink jets it seemed I always had to fuss with them for 10 minutes or so to get them to print because one ink cartridge would be low or would have clogged print head, paper jam, etc...


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f you don't require either of those, then I recommend a monochrome laser printer.
I so totally agree. I also have a brother laser printer and will never go back to inkjet. Inkjets are so you can waste ink and replace printers every year.


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I have one of those EcoTank printers and it's been pretty solid. Since it's a tank of ink it takes a lot to dry out. Haven't had to refill it in a couple years but I don't print a huge amount of stuff.