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    I hope someone can help please.

    I have been successfully using my All4 App on my PS3 and watching the programmes on my Sony TV for quite a while now. All was good until the other night.

    I decided to delete the App and reinstall on my PS3 thinking that I might be able to get a slightly better quality picture.

    However, when I went to load up the 'new and updated' App on my PS3, it just froze after the intro advert. The App loaded ok, programme appeared to load, advert ensued and then froze, to the point where I had to turn off my PS3 and back on again. The home key wouldn't work.

    I tried to delete the App and reinstall a few times, but this didn't work. I even restored settings (soft reset) but this didn't work either. I then googled the issue as the error code said, 'All4-011 content unavailble'.

    Is anyone else suffering from this problem?

    Due to the above issue, my next question is...

    Is there a way to connect my All4 App on my iPhone and watch it on my Sony Bravia TV wirelessly?

    From googling, only way with an iPhone to Sony TV is via a lightning adaptor / HDMI cable?

    Or iPhone to Apple TV.

    I don't think you can 'Cast and Connect' from iPhone to Sony Smart TV.

    Anyone know?

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