WIndows 10 And so, the nightmare continues


Maybe I'm in way over my head. I thought I would simply reinstall Windows 10 to this computer that keeps giving me the BSOD (see Critical Process Died thread under Motherboards for more info on that). I finally got the computer to boot to another media (BTW, thank you guys; you were a great help on that), but I tried to troubleshooting (restore point, system recovery, previous build). All attempts failed.

So that led me to thinking I'll just reinstall Windows. I pulled out my Windows 10 Home flash drive (not one I downloaded from the internet, but purchased from a retail store with key), and tried to reinstall. I came across the following screen, with the following information (see attached image).

Don't know what a lot of it means (except for the NTFS part, I get that), but it basically told me that I couldn't reinstall windows on any of these partitions.

Is there an easy answer to any of this, or do I just need to throw in the towel?

BTW, at this point, I'd probably be happy with a "throw in the towel" response.

Thanks again.



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As long as all important data has been backed up you need to totally wipe the drive by using the installation media. Delete each partition until you have one that says unpartitioned space. Then repartition and install.


First of all, johnb35, let me say I greatly appreciate you and the others on here for your help; you're my hero.

Follow up question: if I delete all these drives, and I can't get into the Disk Management tool, because I can't get past the darn BSOD, can I repartition this drive. I'm not sure any other way to do it. Sorry, probably sounds like a real newbie question.

Thanks again - and I mean a lot.


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Alright, assuming your good to wipe the drive do this. Go and get the Media Creation Tool. Even if you've got a flash drive just make a new one, they roll the latest major patch into it anyway so you don't have to update.

Either make an ISO and burn it to a flash drive with RUFUS or just tell it to make a flash drive for you. Doesn't matter. Shut down the machine. Put the USB drive in and then boot to the flash drive from the boot menu.

It'll prompt you to install to a drive. Any listed partitions you see there, you can delete assuming you don't have anything hooked to the machine you need any more. When you start the install in the unallocated space it will make its own partitions.

Or just follow this.


Dang, Darren, but you make this sound so easy... well, I guess it is to you. But, what can I say, you da man. I appreciate ya.

Thanks to both of you, that nightmare is finally over. I appreciate it guys!