Android car head unit


Good morning everyone.

I installed an android head unit, idoing 9" after watching a youtube install. I've had it since December and I really like it.

Last weekend I took my gf to Atlantic City for a few days. During the trip, the installed GPS app closed and wouldn't reopen in the middle of Philly. She opened google maps and got us the rest of the way there and back. I really liked google maps, it showed delays in traffic, and where speed traps are.

I have google maps installed on my head unit now but I need help. I want to tether the data from my android phone to the head unit so I can run all of google map functions as well as do other things with the data on the HU. However, my phone is new and doesn't allow tethering. I've searched for a way to by pass this, preferably using Bluetooth. I thought of mirroring my phone to the HU but I think the best option would still be tethering the data.

Does anyone know of a way to get this to work?

Thanks in advance!


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Can you setup your phone as a Hotspot? If so, then if the head unit has wifi, you could share data that way.

If what you meant by "my phone doesn't allow tethering" was that your phone won't let you setup a Hotspot then you might want to look into an app called FoxFi.


Yes, that is what I meant. You can set one up but you have to contact your service provider and I'm guessing they charge you a fee.

I installed FoxFi and it worked perfectly. Thank you so much! We went for a drive last night and used it with google maps.