Another Windows 11 upgrade problem


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Just thought I would post about an unexpected Windows 11 upgrade issue I ran into incase anyone else gets it

Obviously everyone knows about the whole TPM 2.0 requirement, however even after upgrading my uncles board and cpu I still could not upgrade to Windows 11 due to getting a missing GOP (graphics output protocol) issue

I had upgraded my uncles system using an MSI gaming plus max x470 board and gave him my old 2700x which was all fine, but I did not give a thought to his gpu which is a GTX 650, so when I rebuilt his system then entered the bios to change mode to uefi and enable TPM 2.0, I then received a no GOP support detected in this card upon reboot.

After a quick Google I found the original bios on the GTX 650 did not support uefi, thankfully I did find a bios update for his card that did support uefi and once installed the Windows 11 upgrade proceeded normally, But I assume if there had not been a bios update for his card he would have had to buy a new gpu ?

I assumed with the TPM chip normally being on the motherboard upgrading this would have been all that was needed


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I remember having issues with a specific Radeon 290 image that contained BIOS support but not UEFI.

It's been in the market a substantial amount of time at this point though.