Any made-in-USA CD-Rs available?

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I listen to CDs a lot, my parents like mix CDs for their cars, and me and a few buddies install car stereos and do "bass battles" and we use CDs for our test tracks.

I've had a lot of issues with blank CDs lately, tried like 6 different brands of blanks and I kept burning more coasters than good discs. I checked each of the discs in Nero DiscSpeed and they were all manufactured by CMC Magnetics.

Does anyone know of any CD-R brands that are made in USA and not cheap Chinese crap?


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uhm. I really think you just need a new pc!!! You've had all these issues but you won't do anything that will truly solve the problem. Your burner most likely needs to be replaced if its burning that many coasters.


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Yes I agree your laser is probably getting weak. they also get dust on them which weakens the beam. Try a disk cleaner although a new cd/dvd burner isn't hugely expensive. I think you will, probably, find that all CDs DVDs are manufactured in china these days and various companies just put their brand name on them.

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I'll try a new burner as my laser is indeed probably getting weak as you've said. My drive is an HP lightscribe burner swapped out of my old PC from around 2006/7 I owned before the Beast. Between actual CD-Rs and rewritables it's safe to say this drive has had easily over 1000 writes

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LOL lightscribe......
I used to use the Lightscribe feature a LOT back then, but now on a lot of the LightScribe discs that I still have the labels/designs are fading away or totally gone. Regardless I liked using it and I was upset when they stopped making the blank CDs for it. It seemed cool at the time... like a lot of things :rolleyes: The last time I used the LightScribe system was I think in 2014 or 2015 when I found a spindle of blank LightScribe discs at a garage sale for a dollar. Lol


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I listen to CDs a lot. Me and a few buddies install car stereos and do "bass battles" and we use CDs for our test tracks.
I swear you sound like someone who grew up during my generation (90's-00's). This was all the rage when we got our cars in the mid 00's.

I'm surprised you don't just stream from your Apple Watch using your $10/mo streaming music subscription while tweeting about it and doing an Instagram live stream.