Apple v other makes


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Thinking of buying a new computer/ desktop or laptop and with a budget of £190 ( not much I know)
Anyway I thinking about an apple such as Apple iMac A1224 20” intel 2.26ghz 250HDD 4 GB ram or maybe a Apple MacBook A1342 13” core 2 pro 4 GB both 2009 model
I don’t know much about computers such as operating systems ( windows 10 )
I currently a open University student an need things like Microsoft word and Microsoft excel
USB for printer etc
I wondering if the Apple can have these feature and if they have a different operating system
So my main question is are they a waste of money (outdated) or should I look elsewhere
Any suggestions please


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Those are super old, I wouldn't buy a system that's over 10 years old for primary use, and unless it was nearly free for secondary or casual use (posting on a $25 Dell E6420)

With a super small budget I'd just get one of the more value oriented newer Windows laptops for a bit more.