Are all CPU coolers that are 1150 compatible the same size?

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    Recently bought a new CPU, an i5 4670k, upgrading from an i3 pentium, and of course my cpu is getting super hot (99 degrees celsius) when running games, idiling at around 70 degrees, since im using the stock cooler i got with the i3. I have a thermaltake black core v1 mini chassis, so it has be the same size diameters as the stock i3 cooler since its crammed in next to my ram. its a 1150 socket, so i presume any cooler i buy thats 1150 compatible will fit? i wasnt sure so i thought id ask. theirs plenty of room to go up. Also, best suitable cooler i could get for under $50? preferably available to buy in Australia.

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    Most lower profile ones will work, there's a decent amount of vertical room.

    Per the specs you'd have to stay under this figure:
    CPU cooler height limitation: 140mm

    Did you apply fresh thermal paste when changing CPUs?
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