Article - best air CPU cooler - socket 1156

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  1. Jamin43

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    Toms Hardware did a test of 10 socket 1156 cpu coolers


    There are plenty others out there - I'm sure - but here's a benchmarked comparison of the 10 listed above.
  2. Gooberman

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    Omg that Cooler Master is $29.99 FS!!! lol :D i would def want that
  3. Computer_Freak

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    i have it

    my CPU (E6400 stock 2.13GHz Overclocked to 3.0GHz) is running 33 degrees idle and 44 degrees load (ambient 25)

    pretty good...

    gonna see how it works on a i5 system though...

    it works better for lower heat applications, and its also very dependant on how you put the thermal paste...

    this review though shows that it beats out a prolimatech (until max oc is reached)

    i really think if you can put the thermal paste on the Coolermaster Hyper 212 Plus properly, you will get good temps (as i have)
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  4. awildgoose

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    This is good, thanks for bringing it up. I have a i5 and on the stock cooler the temps... well lets just say I do not like them. This will defiantly help me out :D.

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