Asking for complete upgrade advice - what in this build is salvageable?

Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by Ma-dazz, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. Ma-dazz

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    I've got a PC of which the PSU, case, fans, GPU and HDD are over 6 years old (at least). Motherboard, CPU and RAM are fairly new (2 years old), since the old ones (also over 6 years old) were replaced after the motherboard they were on stopped working due to an electric spike (got a motherboard with a new socket).

    I want to upgrade this PC and would like to do it with the lowest possible amount, preferably over a prolonged time. What would be a decent small budget? Is any of the components here worth keeping on the PC after all upgrades and additions have been made?

    My focuses are: gaming (almost always NOT cutting-edge 2018 titles), internet browsing (10-35 tabs open) and storage (I frequently search and browse through thousands of unsorted text, image, PDF and video files in a single folder, which is a big nuisance for my dual-boot system, both in W7 and Ubuntu 14.04).

    Specs are in the attached pic.

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  2. johnb35

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    Most likely what is hurting is the fact that you only have a dual core processor and only 4gb of ram. Should have a quad core with at least 8 gb of ram. Without having to change out motherboard for a newer socket, pretty limited to what you can do. Look for either an I5-4670 or an I5-4690 cpu on ebay or similar. You would also need to buy an 8gb(2x4) kit of memory so you have matching sticks. And then of course get a new video card.
  3. Cisco001

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    Second hand 4th gen i5 or i7, 8gb RAM
    gtx 1050, cheap 240gb ssd, decent 400w psu
  4. beers

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    It's hard since you would have to buy most of the components to bring that up. 8G also might be a little tight with 35 tabs.

    Cheapest play would be a i5-4xxx series CPU, another 4g stick of ram to match and a better video card. My roommate rolled a 9600GT in 2007..

    I personally would start doing a data backup/redundancy scheme if you haven't already as that drive is also pretty old.

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