ASUS A53S brand new and is really slow

Discussion in 'Laptops, Tablets and Smartphones' started by marypoppins, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. marypoppins

    marypoppins New Member

    I just purchased the Asus A53S with intel i7 6gb DDR memory, it is the latest intel and suppose to run really really fast, not to mention all the good reviews I found online.

    However, it cannot even play youtube smoothly (i have max Wi-Fi signal), browsing is really REALLY slow as well, what is wrong?

    Besides, I installed Google Chrome and it is doing weird stuff to it; for example I went to, then in another tab i tried to do a google search on something by typing the keyword in the address bar, it would only do a search within I had to go to to do my search, which defeats the whole purpose of google chrome. Maybe there is a setting I need to change?
  2. massahwahl

    massahwahl VIP Member

    Sounds like you could just have some bad drivers installed. Try updating them first and see where that gets you, if not you could have a bad video card too.
  3. paulcheung

    paulcheung Active Member

    Does it take long to boot? if is maybe you got one with faulty hard drive. just a thought.

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