ASUS Drive Not Recognizing Discs


My dad's old windows 8.1 computer has an ASUS DVD RAM GH95N optical drive that used to recognize discs but doesn't anymore. The drive appears in file explorer but when you put a disc in, it never gets recognized. From what I read online it sounds like a windows update broke the drive. He does not have a system repair/reinstallation disc. ASUS doesn't list the drive in their support section, so there isn't a reputable online driver available. The guy who wrote this question describes exactly the problem I'm having, but doesn't seem to have gotten a solution. Anybody know of anything else I can try, or is my dad SOL?


Staff member
Look in device manager and see if there are any errors for that device in DVD/cd rom drives section. And also unfortunately cd drives don't last forever, something could have happened to the eye that reads the disks.

There are no specific drivers to download as windows will always use a generic driver for cd/dvd drives that will work.