Audio Sounds Like I`m In An Echo Tunnel?

Discussion in 'Sound Cards and Speakers' started by infoworld, Feb 16, 2008.

  1. infoworld

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    Hi Guys,

    I recently had to install a new hard drive in my Sony Vaio VGN-A617S laptop.

    I`ve been to the Sony site and downloaded all the relevant drivers etc.( I hope!)

    When I`m listening to video`s etc from the web or from a zipped file on my laptop it sounds like I`m in an echo tunnel, I`ve adjusted my volume settings etc but it makes no difference.

    If I play a dvd the sound is perfect at all levels?

    Is there something else I should have done or downloaded?

    I`ve been into my device manager and all the software under Sound, Video and Game Controllers appears Fine:-
    • Audio Codecs
    • Legacy Audio Drivers
    • Legacy Video Capture Devices
    • Media Control Devices
    • Realtek High Definition Audio
    • USB Audio Device
    • Video Codecs
    Any Thoughts:confused:

    Many Thanks

  2. PunterCam

    PunterCam Active Member

    many new 'drivers' you download install bits of software as well, used for EQ, selecting the various outputs on the back of the card etc...
    They also can have effects to make the sound sound like it's in a stone room, or a church, or whatever (why anyone would want this i don't know).

    On the bottom right of the screen has a new icon appeared since you installed th drivers? Chances are there is, double click on it, and turn everything off.

    if not, then i dunno
  3. Cleric7x9

    Cleric7x9 Active Member

    i am having this same problem with my on-board audio on my EVGA 680i motherboard, if i figure out how to fix it i will let you know

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