Best DIY friendly building and hosting site


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Need to do a web site for my business. I am paying someone to do it for me but I want to be able to do small changes and upload pictures and documents myself. What is the most user friendly building and hosting web site(Squarespace, weebly, wix, shopify, etc.) ? I only need the site so my business looks more professional and to display pictures of my work.


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You will probably lose the 'easy integration' piece if you're paying them to do it themselves, instead of just starting out with that service. Unless you intentionally tell them to use a specific one.

But it sounds like you're already familiar with the popular companies in that space, it would just be a matter of picking the one you like.


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I would look into some reviews and compare all of them before jumping into conclusions. We faced a lot of issues when it came to the hosting of our domain at its start. My wife and I were not as good at web development issues as we were at making hand made souvenirs. You can imagine our disappointment when we realized that our site was not working as we expected. This is where we gave up and decided to look for some expert guide on how to fix the issue. We were able to choose with a better hosting provider that was even cheaper than our initial choice.
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