WIndows 10 Best PC configuration for Autocad ?

Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by hoanghapc, Nov 1, 2018.

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    I was recently hired for a landscape designer position. Currently the company does only hand drawings, but they want me to introduce computer generated designs (Autocad). I will only be doing 2D drawings in Autocad as they want me to learn another program for 3-D rendering. For this reason I believe that Autocad would be the best choice, in terms of function and price.

    The computers here are very old and therefore they want to buy me a new computer. I looked up the system requirements for Autocad and honestly, computer talk reads like another language to me. I tried to search for a computer with the system requirements but there are so many choices that I really do not know where to start.

    Bottom line: Does anyone have any recommendations for what PC system would be best for Autocad (including tower and display monitor) ?
  2. UnholyVision

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    My suggestion is, try Blender first. It's free, opensource, works on multiple OS's, and has quiet a few functions on rendering in 3D models. It just has a bit of a learning curve. Though if you don't like it or not able to use it in some way you haven't lost a single penny.

    This piece of software has a semi low entry point of 1ghz processors. You could in theory run it on some cheaper hardware. (Not recommended in some workloads).
    My real questions are the following.
    1) What is your budget?
    2) Are you comfortable building a machine? (Because myself or many others here could piece a machine together in PCPartPicker).
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    None of would be here without PCPP, right? :p

    EDIT: This is sarcasm. It's hard to convey sarcasm in text.
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    @OP - I would be looking at workstation PCs as opposed to traditional desktop/tower PCs from Dell, HP, etc.... I give this link only as an example, I have never purchased from this company so can't endorse them.
    You might try contacting them and see if they can recommend a system for your specific AutoCad needs.

    I will disagree with that statement. I started building computers back in 1986, long before PCPP even existed. PCPP is a useful tool but not absolutely necessary.
  5. _Kyle_

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    I was being sarcastic :).

    I also disagree with that statement. (ironically since it's myself)

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