Best Socket 1155 MicroATX motherboard


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I am needing to know what the best 1155 motherboard that is MicroATX within a reasonable price. I had bought an ASRock H77M off of NewEgg which ended up being faulty or I got scammed. Thanks!
I would say look for used on ebay. Look for a gigabyte board. I get you already have cpu but it's really time to upgrade to something more modern.
I was thinking about that. But what would be the best socket to upgrade to from 1155 that again, doesn’t cost a ton?
Try Socket 1151. The last series cpu for that board was the 9000 series which was 5 years ago. It's getting to the point where you can barely find any new Socket 1200 motherboards anymore which only takes up to 11th gen cpu's. The newest is socket 1700.
motherboards generally don't depreciate as much in the used market versus old cpu's.

mATX also fell out of fashion quite a while ago. They're harder to find compared to ATX and ITX.

Ultimately, what is your budget and what are you trying to do with the system?
I already have everything but the motherboard and the CPU. I was wanting to do some gaming but not too high quality. My budget for both the CPU and the motherboard is probably about $100-$150
z77 probably has your largest feature set.

$150 seems like a lot to drop on ten year old hardware, why are you specifically targeting sandy/ivy?