Better to have a snug camera bag, or a bit of wiggle room?


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So I have two holster bags that I can use with my Canon T2i. One fits the camera rather snugly and it's bit difficult to put in and take out. The other has a bit more room, so it's easier to take out and put back in, but the camera moves around a bit inside.

Is it better to have a snug fit when it comes to camera bags or is it okay if there's a bit of wiggle room? I'd rather use the second bag since it's easier to remove the camera, but if the bag's too big, than I'll go with the more snug one.


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I don't mind a little wiggle room myself. I have had bags where everything is too tight of a fit and it's hard to remove my gear. Thats not a good thing when you are doing a job and need to change your gear quickly. My current bag is the Cannon 100DG and I love it but I have almost out grown it. If I buy one more piece of gear I will either have to remove something or get a bigger bag.