Big Problem... (instead of ethernet to each room we got cable)

Discussion in 'Computer Networking and Servers' started by 691175002, Sep 3, 2005.

  1. 691175002

    691175002 New Member

    My house is under renovations and we told them to wire ethernet cables from my rooom to each room in the house (so I could have a router in my room powering everyones internet). Unfortunetly instead of ethernet cables we ended up with just normal tv cables. Now we are stuck with 7 coaxial cable lines sticking into my room and no ethernet :eek:.

    The construction guy says that he thought we wanted cable outlets because thats what his computer takes for internet. Apparently for his computer you just plug the cable staight into the computer or something. I have no idea where that came from because I have never seen a computer that has a cable plug (except some video cards but thats for tv) for internet. He says it will be easy to just stick a cable splitter into my room and then put the main cable line through the modem and then split it to the 7 other lines that go to each room but I can't see how thats going to work because is there really a cable to cable modem and wont having 7 lines to the same modem cause something bad to happen?

    Have you guys ever heard of plugging the cable line directly into your computer before? Am I missing something here? Will a cable splitter make the internet speed suck?

  2. 5had0w

    5had0w New Member

    Hmm, i think it's just like those University Hostel, each room has a LAN plug on the wall, i think, which required a RJ-45 cable to connect. Just plug in the cable and you are connected to LAN and can access to internet, but need to adjust proxy settings.
  3. dragon2309

    dragon2309 P.I Dragon

    I think all that cabing is to be ripped out. Waste of space, ive never heard of you going direct into a cable feed. And a cable splitter thign WILL damage speed and reliablity.
  4. Qlutch

    Qlutch New Member

    Are you talking about coaxial cable? Ethernet can run through coax and I think you can buy coax to RJ-45 converters.
  5. 691175002

    691175002 New Member

    Thanks a lot guys. I think Qultch found the best solution. If I can find some converters then i will be able to use all the coaxial cables running around the house and not have to rip them out or anything.:)
  6. Archangel

    Archangel VIP Member

    i think that micght me the best solution.
    and yes, there are adapters :D
  7. celsdogg

    celsdogg New Member

    i would be freakin teed off at the construction guy! sounds like he was trying to pawn off some bs just to get off the hook, coz im not sure how likely he woulda known about the converter!
  8. Trizoy

    Trizoy VIP Member

    Ok So if you have 5 computers in the house....

    You will need a router, a modem a cross over cable.. 10 short lan cables and 10 of those converters.. Show him the cost of his mistake and have his company pay for it... OR make them put it the way you want it. YOU need to remember that you pay this guy to do what you want... If he doesnt than your not then you dont pay him.. Simple huh? Demand compensation for his stupidity!

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