BIOS question


Sorry, this is sort of a follow up to my BSOD question under the general software category, but it is pertaining to BIOS. So with a book/recovery disk (and I am using a flash drive for this purpose). Do I need to have the BIOS settings set to UEFI or Legacy? And does it matter if the boot disk is in FAT32 or NTFS? I hope those two questions make sense together, because I am really unsure that I know what I am talking about.

Thanks again.


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It should be ntfs as I don't think you will get the iso will work if its fat32 due to file limitations. Some systems require secure boot to disabled in order to boot to cd/usb.


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Depends, some BIOS functions only read FAT32 for like BIOS upgrades. I'd roll UEFI on a more modern system since you don't have to use the CSM compatibility layer for legacy BIOS.

What boot disk are you trying to use? Usually you'd just 1:1 write the ISO and it includes the file system and boot sector pieces you'd need.