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  1. lostsoul62

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    I have a AMD 955 which is 7 1/2 years old and I put Windows 10 on it when it was free on a SSD Hard Drive. I also have Windows 7 on another Hard Drive. I am running Windows 7 and I disconnected the Windows 7 Hard Drive and hook up the Windows 10 Hard drive and the BOIS would not even see the hard drive. When I put back to the Windows 7 Hard drive it tried to boot off of my Data Hard Drive so I had to go back into the BIOS and fix it. My question is the BIOS can not see my Windows 10 Hard Drive from at 7 1/2 year old computer and that Windows 10 needs a motherboard that can boot off of the New BIOS?
  2. _Pete_

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    Possibly because you are trying to boot from an SSD which the 7.5 year old BIOS doesn't recognise. Not saying that is the reason just "possibly."
  3. Darren

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    If the BIOS doesn't support UEFI then that's likely why as the W10 install will most likely be UEFI and needs a BIOS that supports it to boot. Some of the AM3+ boards did, some didn't.

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