Biostar K8M800-M7A

Discussion in 'Motherboards' started by WeatherMan, Nov 29, 2011.

  1. WeatherMan

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    Hi guys,

    Here's a bit of background information before I start this post.

    Around a month ago my mums laptop died, the board had completely gone, so I sold the system on ebay in parts.

    She needed a system for her OU Degree, so I picked up some parts on eBay.

    I purchased

    2x512MB 266MHz DDR
    Biostar K8M800-M7A Motherboard
    80GB Seagate SATA Hard Drive

    I've stuck these components inside an old Packard Bell PC chassis, with a working power supply, DVDRW drive etc etc....

    Pieced the system together, booted up, went into the BIOS and set the SATA controller to RAID mode so that it'd pick up the SATA drive.

    Both the SATA Drive & IDE DVDRW Drive are being seen in the BIOS.

    I then stick in my Windows 7 (x86) CD and begin windows setup.

    The problem Begins here...

    After pressing 'Install' I come to a screen asking me to search for drivers, the system reckons it's looking for CD/DVD 'Device' Drivers.

    I do not have a floppy drive.

    I've gone onto the Biostar website and downloaded the SATA RAID drives from them, extracted the files and stuck them on USB, told the machine to find its drivers in the extraction location and it doesn't seem to work!

    I've tried this under SATA modes, IDE & RAID, under IDE mode the board does not pick up the SATA drive, although Windows still asks for drivers.

    What can I try next?

    I have no clue what drivers Windows Setup is looking for!

    I cannot continue installation until these drivers are installed.

    Any ideas?
  2. wolfeking

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    ACHI is the SATA mode. RAID will need drivers to get it installed. Also requires more than 1 drive to run RAID.
  3. StrangleHold

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    Dont need it in RAID. Are you sure you dont have them in AHCI mode? But both SATA drives should show up in IDE mode. But since your using Windows 7, they still should be picked up in AHCI mode.

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