'Blank disc' not blank

Discussion in 'CD/DVD/Blu-ray Technology' started by mrmicro, Nov 2, 2011.

  1. mrmicro

    mrmicro New Member

    I have Sony Vaio and I've been trying to import a burnt CD onto itunes, and every time I insert the CD it says 'You've inserted a blank CD or DVD.' This happens with all blank discs I put in the drive, and they DO work on other computers. So I know it's probably an issue with the drive. How do I fix it?
  2. turbodiesel

    turbodiesel Member

    this can't be fixed your disk drive does not support your cds

    try gettting a external cd drive
  3. tremmor

    tremmor Well-Known Member

    ive burned hundreds cd's dvd's. Your may be sensitive to color of dye. buy or borrow another with different color. Some laser heads are more sensitive than others. depends on the quality.
    I have many manufactures and colors. For everybody else.
    they have same problem. may be yours.
    try that first.
  4. MMM

    MMM New Member

    Does it read normal CD/DVD's....could be faulty....

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