Blue Screen of Death


My computer crashed yesterday (BSD), I could not get it to recover. However, I had a hard drive dock and make a clone every once in awhile. I swapped out the drive for the clone and I am back in business.

Here is my question: Is there any problem using the Blue Screen of Death hard drive write my next clone? In other words, I am concerned that the cause of BSD might have been a physical problem rather than a corrupted file problem... or is BSD always a corrupt file rather than damage?


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A bsod can be anything to a driver issue, failing hard drive, corrupt file, malware, etc. You can always do a diagnostic on the drive to verify its good.


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Do you recall what the stop code was when it BSOD'd?

Without knowing anything else from this and as John has mentioned, you can run a diagnostic scan on the hard drive to see if it's in good shape.

Hard drive manufacturers typically have their own diagnostic tool available for download on their website.


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I'd also check out the SMART data of the drive (like with CrystalDiskInfo) or do a long scan with the manufacturer's utility, although probably on another non-Windows system in order to rule out malware.

BSOD can be a variety of things between OS/drivers/software, or hardware related. Do you happen to at least remember the code that was being thrown?