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  1. jesse kraus

    jesse kraus Member

    hey people,

    yes its me again, im having another problem with my pc. since yesterday it just auto unpowers itself after using it for a while. i havent tested out yet if it it occurs when using certain programs, but its pretty annoying when working on something or playing in an online game. after it turns off i can just turn it on again without any troubles, except windows loading a bit slower, but thats standard when it suddenly shut down.
    my pc doesnt make any weird noises and all the fans seem to work properly.
    the first time i had this i thought i just kicked out a cable or something, but all the cables were in place and it powered on without any problems.
    i think my cable or psu is broken, but in a chat in a game someone said he had the same problem, and he had to replace his gpu.
    first of all i dont get it why you would look at your gpu before you look at your psu when you have a power problem, and second i dont understand how a gpu would be able to stop the power supply to my whole system.

    i hope you guys have any suggestions on what might be problem
  2. Agent Smith

    Agent Smith Well-Known Member

    It does sound like the PSU. The GPU could do it though. I mean, caps could go bad and other crap. Maybe even a corrupt GPU driver. Anything is possible. What is the make and model of the PSU? It isn't some off brand crap, is it? How old is the PSU?
  3. _Pete_

    _Pete_ Active Member

    The other thing it could be is overheating. have a look at the CPU especially the cooler. if if it's full of dust clean it out. Also look at the conductive paste that should be between the CPU body and the contact part of the cooler. This can go hard and break down in older computers and cause heat shutdowns. This doesn't actually take that long to happen sometimes especially if you are over clocking your CPU.
  4. jesse kraus

    jesse kraus Member

    I should clean my pc again yeah, its just open under my desk, so a real dust gatherer.

    My psu is a thermaltake pro smart rbg 850W. i hope that isnt the problem since i only have it for a few months and im not planning on replacing it again.
  5. _Kyle_

    _Kyle_ Well-Known Member

    If it's under you desk just set it on top of a piece of wood or something. Keeping it off the floor is a good idea.

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