WIndows 10 Built a year ago computer now randomly freezes everytime


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I'm having troubles with my computer. Last days, it began restarting infinitely after booting on for 3 sec. I tried booting it with the HDD unplugged and nothing changed, so I assumed it wasnt the problem. I also bought a new PSU because the last one was cheap and I also replaced the motherboard's battery. Now, the computer always boots on, but freezes everytime I try to use it. I'm at lost, I don't know which part to change. Also, my monitor displays nothing when I plug my DVI directly to my MOBO and before windows boots, I am unable to access BIOS when clicking on F11, as it is written on screen.

I built this computer a year ago and it has always worked fine, even played the latest Assassin's Creed at high settings and Kingdom Come Deliverance High/Medium
When in task manager : Shortly after the PC has managed to stayed on for more than 5 min (which is rare), my HDD is at 100%, but after 10min or so, it goes down to an average percentage. RAM and PCU have average/normal % of utilization.

And I checked the T° of all my components : everything is in order.

I also performed a full analysis for viruses (1h and a half) and found nothing)

Here are my specs:

PSU - Seasonic FOCUS, SSR-550FM 550W 80 + Gold Power Supply, Semi-Modular, ATX12V/EPS12V
PCU - Intel i5-7400 3ghz quad-core
MOBO- MSI B250m Gaming Pro
HDD - Seagate Barracuda 1Tb
RAM - Patriot 8gb 2133 (Cheap but worked fine for a whole year) + I ordered a Team Elite + 8gb 2133 to upgrade to 16gb of RAM

I added the said 8gb of RAM last night and the computer worked fine all night, I even managed to play some games, but had little latency issues, annyways, I was just glad it finally worked..... BUT I woke up this morning thinking about how I was happy my computer would finally work and it froze again and again, after 3 freezes in windows startup, I gave up.... When it freezes, the computer looks like it is still doing fine, nothing changes in sounds, LEDs, etc... Only the screen doesnt move, neither does the mouse/keyboard/sound.

After I upgraded my PSU and my RAM, I'm thinking the issue could come from the MOBO...

I CAN'T FIND THE DAMN PROBLEM. I need your help everyone !


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It could be your mobo but without specialist equipment the only to find if it is the mobo or not is to substitute and that can work out expensive. I would check your CPU fan for dust and dirt and whether it is running at the right speed. I would also renew the thermal paste on the CPU. I would also disconnect everything from the mobo and run it like that. If it works, you will only get the post screen till you connect the hard drive, then connect the bits one by one. Connect the hard drive last. I would take the old RAM out and run it with the new stuff and see what happens.