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    I am looking at buying a new smartphone. i am looking at HTC Imagio or the DROID by Motorola. The HTC is powered by Microsoft Mobil 6.5 and the Droid is by Android OS, by Google. Just wondering if any one had the Droid and what the Cons are???
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    Just went to the verizon store today to check out the Droid. Fell in love with it...solid over all. Very fast...built well. My only complaint is it doesn't have a physical end button(or at least not that i know of) which is useful for ending calls quickly(thats always been annoyance with me having the LG chocolate for so long. The end button is on the side of the phone.

    I'd check out this review...and also some reviews on youtube.
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    Based on Engadget Review, Droid Has More Cons Than Pros. Here are some of the pros and cons that can be found on their site..

    - Speed is better than other Android devices but not blindingly fast (con)
    - No multi-touch (semi-con)
    - Keyboard (based on a photo) does not have dedicated numeric row. Layout looks a bit quirky (cons)
    - Navigation pad looks usable. Would have preferred the little trackball that the G1 has (pro)
    - Camera performance is so-so (con)
    - Video recording is at 720x480 resolution. This is an odd size. It is larger than the more conventional VGA-resolution of 640x480. I didn't note much of the "rubberband" effect seen in the iPhone 3GS and Touch Pro2 videos I made. (pro)
    - Standard 3.5mm headphone jack (pro)

    Well, it is still up to you to decide. Hope you make the right decision.

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