[C&C]Computer Build for 16th


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Well its my 16th birthday on the 18th and I'm convincing my parents into letting me do a build (instead of a car*). I want a budget gamer for all the new games that are coming out. Right now I have two lists(below). My questions are which have the most potential for upgrades in the future and which one is going to be a better system. I am planning on OCing the system a reasonable amount as well. These are only thoughts of mine, budget is around 700 to 800 USD. Thanks for the advice!



*Cant get a car b/c I can't have one at my boarding school


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Should I switch the Phenom II X3 Black ed. with the Phenom II X4? Is it worth the extra $70?


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Someone forgot to mention that the Phenom II X4 920 won't work on the
motherboard in the same build.


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na the 4890 is better than the GTX 260.

EDIT: and the PSU in both builds will have enough power
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