Cable Confusion


I'm totally new to GPUs, so I'm a little confused. I recently purchased an MSI Geforce GTX 970 4GD5 OC off of Ebay for a fairly decent price. I don't think I really need this thing, but for some reason I had to have a graphics card on my build (but I digress).

Okay, so there's a place for two 6-pin cables to go. I only have cables that have 8-pins on the PSU end, and a 6+2 on the other. Do I use this cable and let the other two pins dangle (or using good cable management protocol, hide them somewhere), or do I need a 6-pin on both ends?

I have a Corsair RM650. It has a space for Peripheral & SATA on one place, and PCI 6+2 next to it. The PSU has survived a power surge due to lighting, but the motherboard died, so I am upgrading in the process of a rebuild. But again, I digress.

Thanks all.