Camera flash issues with 5th gen. iPod touch

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras, Webcams and Scanners' started by The VCR King, Jun 15, 2015.

  1. The VCR King

    The VCR King Well-Known Member

    If I take a picture without flash, it turns out fine, but if I use flash, the picture looks "whited out." Example:
    I've tried using filters and even cleaning off the camera lens hasn't helped. :confused:
  2. Geoff

    Geoff VIP Member

    That's the nature of flashes. Even with a point and shoot camera, when you have a blinding pure white flash coming onto the subject head on, it's going to blow out the details in the immediate foreground, while leaving the background dark and with an incorrect white balance.

    There's likely nothing wrong with your iPod, it's just that flashes on phones really only exist for extenuating circumstances. In almost all cases, you shouldn't use it.
  3. spirit

    spirit Moderator Staff Member

    It just looks to me like the flash is fairly harsh and obviously with it being on an iPod it's pointing directly at the subject, which you don't always want if you want to achieve the best photos (but that's a whole different situation!)

    Asides from not use the flash, have a look in your camera app settings and see if there is a way to soften the flash or reduce the intensity at all. That will help to reduce the harsh whites and shadows you are seeing.

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