Can a light pen work with a modern Windows 10 PC?

geek 0001

I am one of those weirdos that still owns a CRT monitor. I also run a home tutoring business that has had to move online due to you know what.

To demonstrate maths problems and help kids with their worksheets, I have to switch to using a document camera and write out problems by hand. I love using it, but it can be a waste of paper, and I sometimes have to keep switching from screen sharing to the document camera.

It would be nice to be able to annotate the screen using a stylus, but touch pad overlays are astronomically expensive. I know that old light guns were made for the early home computers, but the question is; is there any way to get them to work with a modern pc? I would need to convert the serial to a usb port, and then there is the issue of whether or not it could work with a Trinitron style display.

Can anyone enlighten me before I waste my money on yet another gadget? XD