Can a PSU blow twice?

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    My neighbor plugged her PC on the 220V mains without changing the power selector switch on the Power Supply from 115V to 230V. She called me saying there was an explosion in a faulty adapter she was trying to use when she was setting up her brand-new computer, but she did not tell me she had actually fried the PSU. Ignoring that, I switched the power supply to 220V and when I plugged the cord in the mains there was another explosion-like sound in the power supply.
    My question is:
    Why may the PSU have blown twice if it was already dead the second time it was plugged?
    May have this accident cause damage to the motherboard and or CPU?
    Thank for your help in advance,
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    There are usually two large capacitors in a supply. The first went when the setting was left at the 110vac and not switched to 220vac. Due to the first going then the second blew when you went to try it again with the correct setting. But it was already too late for the supply there.

    Being that the supply saw a cap blow right away the only way you will know if any other damage(s) were seen would be to simply install a replacement supply. Most likely the cap blew before anything else suffered "but" ? will be the key word there. You won't know until trying out a new supply.

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