Can I get my Twitter account back


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I forgot my Twitter user name and password as I used s software app and I no longer have that app.
I had over 1000 followers so I would like it back. No luck so far. I was not banned or anything like that.
No luck so far



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As long as you have access to either your email or phone number when you created the account, just click on forgot password and enter that email or phone and it will send you a password reset link to do it. If you no longer have access to it then you are basically SOL.



You remind me of my mom.

'I can't access my email! I don't remember the address... or the password... or the secret questions.... or the phone associated... or my wifi password... or the computer password... or how to log on to the internet...'
You're mom is lucky to have you, though. Hopefully, she's appreciative.