Can I still buy a desktop with XP or Windows 7?

Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by jaes, Aug 4, 2018.

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    I have a very dated 1994 program that will run on XP desktop. or with a window 7 desktop with an XP Virtual Machine. This 1994 program does exactly what I want it to do, and is far superior to any current versions that I have bought (I know that's hard to believe). ---So, please don't suggest I buy a current version. As per this Post's title, I am looking to buy a computer that will allow me to run this old program, when my current desktop dies. ---thus, the backup replacement desktop needs be an XP or run XP via a virtual machine. NOTE: I do not need a powerful, desktop, with a lot of bells and whistles ---I will just use to computer to run my 1994 program (and maybe some Word --word processing). I am rather ignorant when it comes to computers, so, I maybe I am asking for something that can not be obtained. --However, if you do have suggestions as to where I can get such a computer, please --give me a website ---or store? Your help would be most appreciated. Jaes.
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    Can you buy a new system with XP or 7? No.

    You can still find versions of both OS's on ebay, but you have to make sure they're legit. A New, sealed package from someone with high positive feedback is highly recommended. Expect to pay a premium price.

    Of course, you'd have to install the OS yourself and probably deal with a few Driver issues. Having a basic-to-moderate knowledge of hardware and the limitations XP will have with seeing modern (within the last 12 years or so) devices will help.
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    Looks like the primary answer has been provided already. If you're not looking to adopt to newer products, your options are limited.

    Just out of sheer curiosity and based on reading your other thread, what exactly are you trying to achieve to lay out interior changes in a house? There actually maybe software (by other companies) out there that does what you're doing but supports modern hardware.
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    If it runs in a virtual machine, any modern machine with Windows 10 and current hardware can run it.
    VMWare or VirtualBox both support XP and are free for home use.
    Windows 7 had an option for native XP virtual machines, but the third party ones are great.

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