Can I "update" win 10 to win 7?

Discussion in 'Operating Systems' started by Dimitri, Dec 16, 2016.

  1. Dimitri

    Dimitri Member

    A friend asked me to change his win 10 laptop to win 7.

    I know there's a "recovery" option, but he doesn't have it. So I put a win 7 CD in and am in the process of installing it, but now he offers me the option to "upgrade" and keep all the files and programs OR to install a new copy of windows.

    Is it really possible to go the "upgrade" option when I'm going 10->7?
  2. _Glitch

    _Glitch Active Member

    I don't believe you can.
    A full reinstall is necessary
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  3. Punk

    Punk Moderator Staff Member

    Yeah and if he upgraded to 10 more than a month (or was it two the limit?) his key has been changed to win10...
  4. Darren

    Darren Moderator Staff Member

    That upgrade option is always there, even on a blank hard drive. Not sure why. I always just do custom and nuke every partition and start from scratch. His copy of 7 may or may not be activated once you do a fresh install, I've heard and had mix reports of it staying activated. Officially there is a cutoff for it like @Punk said but I'm not real sure how effective it is.
  5. Okedokey

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