Can I use a SATA Y splitter? (Not molex to SATA)


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Hi other tech people, I do apologize if this is in the wrong subforum. I am new here, and I just couldn't think of the best place to ask this question.

On my non-modular PSU, I have 6 SATA ports. Two of them are being used by my SSD and HDD, two others are being used for the two hubs that came with my Corsair LL120 RGB fans, another one is for my AIO NZXT Kraken x52, and the last one is for my hub that came with my Phantek LED strips.

I was thinking of using the splitter on the LED strip hub, but I'm not too sure if that's okay. I also was wanting to know if it's okay for me to use a splitter for my SSD and HDD, as the SSD is my system drive. I was thinking about daisy chaining my 2 Corsair hubs for the fans, but I feel like they should have their own dedicated port.

Don't get me wrong, I know everything should have their own dedicated SATA port straight from the PSU, but I just can't dish out the extra money for a modular PSU at this moment.

Any thoughts?

Thank you guys so much!


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Should have no problem with the Y splitter. Just make sure it has crimped ends and not molded as the molded ones can fail easily and cause fire.