Can someone help me with this crazy family drama?

Discussion in 'Computer Security' started by npurrr, Jan 30, 2020.

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    I am wondering if any tech-savvy person could help me with a family situation.
    I need help determining if I have a crazy person in my family or if my email was hacked.

    My father-in-law has disliked me because of my race (Asian) from the get-go. One of the first times I met him he picked up my Blackberry phone, said "Oh I have the same phone" and started looking through it. I felt too awkward to take it back from him because I did not know him well enough to speak up. I have nothing to hide anyways. In the next few days, I receive emails saying that a few of my emails were unable to be delivered to [email protected] (screenshots attached). I did not recognize this email address and asked my husband if it was him. He said that it was the father-in-laws'. My theory is that the father-in-law was trying to find some dirt on me and tried to forward my emails (bank and work documents) from my phone to himself from my phone but entered the email address incorrectly (the "." after the @) resulting in me receiving these notifications. After all these years (this happened in 2012 but I never mentioned it to him) I finally confronted him about it and he denies it completely, saying that I "must have been hacked." He was an IT guy at the post office. I did not know his email address, and he did not know mine until this happened.

    I am wondering if anyone has the time to scan through the emails (screenshots) and tell me if there is any reason to believe that I was hacked instead of my theory.

    Thank you so much for your help!

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  2. Cromewell

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    The first screenshot even says 'Sent from my BlackBerry on Virgin Mobile.' That's almost assuredly not your email being hacked, it's added as a signature by your BB email client.
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    My thought as well! Thank you :)
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    The father of one of my son's best friends was a postmaster at the time and I used to run an internet business. I used to joke about how inefficient the post office was comparing to UPS. He sheepishly admitted that the USPS was 7 years behind UPS. 7 years!

    The USPS doesn't have too many smart guys running their business. That's why they are practical a bankrupt operation relying on tax payers' handout. One of their recent CEO started as a mailer sorter in the backroom. Can you image someone with that kind of background running the biggest employer of United States.

    Your father-in-law definitely falls into that trend. By doing thing that could pi you off, he is risking a good family relation, the relationship with his own son, whom you have a tremendous amount of influence. He is risking never able to see his grandchildren ever.

    An IT guy typing the wrong email address, what a stupid man?
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    The USPS is in its current state due to many factors. It is definitely not because of any one individual and tax payers are not in any direct way funding the USPS.
  6. ssal

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    I never said it's one individual. I am talking about the culture.

    Before the internet age, it tried to survive by delivering garbage (junk mails). USPS is single handedly the largest tree killer in mankind's history.

    Recently, they tried to be the "last mile" conveyor for Amazon and UPS. It started as trying to fill up some of the excess capacity and make some money but ended up having to spend a lot more when Amazon pushed them to delivery on Sunday.

    It is supposed to be a stand alone oporation, but they need approval to raise their rate or close an office. They need government backing to stay afloat. Those may not be direct tax payers' money, but who's fooling whom that you don't think you and I are paying for it. Congress has the ulterior motive to keep it alive because it is the biggest dumping ground to hire returning veterans.

    I have never heard any middle managers or senior executives talking about providing innovation or better services. Everyone, young or old, are thinking about only their pension and retirement. And yes, they have very rich benefit for their retirees, particularly when most of them don't have a high school diploma.

    I live in a small town with less than 10,000 people and we have 4 post offices. UPS has only one distribution center for the entire county.

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