Canon 550D unveiled!

Discussion in 'Digital Cameras, Webcams and Scanners' started by Justin, Feb 9, 2010.

  1. Justin

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    Today’s big story is announcement of the Canon 550D, also known as the Canon Rebel T2i. This camera offers many of the same features as the Canon 7D, including an 18 megapixel sensor, an ISO range of 100–6400, full 1080p video (at 30, 24 or 25fps with manual exposure control), 1.6x crop factor, and a 3-inch LCD screen.


    Differences between the 7D and 550D include a rugged magnesium alloy body vs. cheaper build, 8 frames per second vs. 3.7, 8-channel readout vs. 4, two image processors vs. 1, and 19 autofocus points vs. 9. Also, unlike the 7D, there is no word on the 550D having a 100% viewfinder or built in speedlite transmitter.

    The 550D is priced at $899 as a kit or $799 for the body only. HD video recording capabilities are now extremely affordable for any photographer wishing to try their hand at filming.
  2. Jet

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    I still like my 50D over this :).
  3. Calibretto

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    A great budget DSLR. Definitely something I'll consider buying in the future.
  4. Laquer Head

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    Another overpriced plastic-bodied Rebel!!

    --I'd rather get a 50D for a tad more money!--

    --ohh wait..I have a 50D, 7D, & Mark II--
  5. Justin

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    rumours of a 60D in the works as well.
  6. Fatback

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    Do you wanna spare one of those and make me a very very happy person?

    If I was going to spend that much I would probably just go with the 50D. Although I'm not going to spend that much so I have nothing to worry about.
  7. MacBook

    MacBook banned

    I know it's called a 550D outside of the US, but you should have titled it T2i so everyone from the states knows what you're talking about.

    Mark II? You mean a 5D Mark II, 1D Mark II, or 1Ds Mark II?

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