can't connect remotely to my server

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  1. sarfrazkhan

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    I'm trying to establish a remote connection to my Windows Server 2003 machine from a Windows XP machine through the Web User Interface that comes standard with Windows Server. Connecting to the Web User Interface works fine but when I go to maintenance and then remote desktop, it tells me "Error connecting to server: [SERVER_NAME]. You must enable Remote Desktop on the server to use this feature."

    I know for fact I have remote desktop enabled. I've connected to it through other computers on the network. The machine I'm using to connect to it has recently had its OS reinstalled and that must have something to do with the problem, but I can't pin it down any more than that.

    Can someone please help me.
  2. Quiltface

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    Does it work if you just pull up RDP and try it?

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