CD/DVD drive unable to format like usb and unable to burn


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I have an ASUS laptop series n43sl. I got free upgrade from windows 7 to windows 10. I used to able burn cds or dvds and format them into like usb (the default choices from windows when you insert cd or dvd). But yesterday was the first time I burn cd again after upgrade to windows 10 and it keeps failing.
There was an error message "Windows unable to complete the format" when I try to format it into usb like and when I try to burn it says that I need to upgrade my cd/dvd firmware.
I need help to solve this cause I have tried few things and now I'm stuck.


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Does the DVD burner show up in explorer? There used to be an issue with the drive not showing up due to a registry issue. If it shows up, you can try uninstalling the device in device manager and then reboot.


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Yeah it shows up. The problem is just I can burn or format it.
Ok I'll try uninstall it and reboot. Hopefully works.
Thanks :)