Changing location of my router

Jonathan Nobles

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okay, so I have Comcast Xfinity, and my router is located in my bedroom. It provides decent WiFi to everywhere that I need it, especially since my office is directly below my bedroom. My house doesn’t have any Ethernet ports, only phone lines. I have tried moving my router into the office and connecting it through the cable port down there but it doesn’t work, even when I called and reset it.

I need to connect my desktop to the internet via Ethernet, and don’t want to use a wireless adapter plugged into my desktop. So, should I call Comcast and have them come to my house to reset my router for down stairs, or could I get a WiFi extender and plug it in down stairs and run my desktop to it using Ethernet? Which way would provide the best internet connection on my desktop? I’m more inclined to get an extender but if that slows my internet down then I’ll just have Comcast come by.

Any help is appreciated, thanks in advance.


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If it doesn't connect using the port in our office then that cable isn't active or connected to splitter or distribution panel. You need to verify if the other end of that cable is attached to anything. You need to either centralize the router location, run ethernet cables from router to pcs or use an extender.

Jonathan Nobles

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Okay, thank you. Last time I tried to move it down stairs it wasn’t even picking up signals that the lady was sending, so you’re probably right. I will go with the extender route instead of having someone come out.

Agent Smith

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I would just have Comcast come out and hook your cable line up over getting an extender. The extender will probably slow you down, and ethernet is a hell of a lot more faster and stable.


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Do you have a box outside that has various coax cables in it? Most of the time you can just change the jumper to which of your house cables are going to that downstairs outlet and have it work.

Otherwise Comcast (or a low voltage electrician person) would probably do it for you but they would likely charge you a service fee to relocate the device.

Extenders are garbage since they rebroadcast on the same channel they receive on. Mesh setups are a bit better since they have a different band for the backhaul/uplink leg and use different frequencies for devices.