"click click click" instant shoot camera's


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On films and paparatzi, they all have camera's that are point and shoot, and can be done repeatedly very quickley to get lots of shots withought any time inbetween unlick my camera that takes time inbetween each photo.

Is it possible to get digital camera's like this? and if so, what feature do i need to look out for to tell if a camera can do this?


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It all depends on the camera. My panasonic will take about 2FPS on it's burst mode. I think about 3 on it's "high-speed" burst mode(limited to 4 pics or something like that...)

Now my Kodak...I'm lucky to get about 1 pic every 5 seconds :p


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Your camera needs a good buffer; for example the Olympus E300 on rapid-fire will hold 5 shots @ around 5mb each. It can take that in about a second and a half.


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They havent got normal digital cameras though... they either have a traditional SLR or a digital SLR, of which both can achieve very high frame rates, even the lower models



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The professional cameras are extemely powerful, you're talking bursts of 20-30 shots in RAW format, however many amateur D-SLR's aren't powerful enough. One company made a camera that was massively powerful (27 megapixels IIRC) but it would cost more than an Audi A6!


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im dont mean burst modes on a normal digi cam where you press the button once and it takes 3 shots.

I mean a camera when you can repeatidly press the shutter button and a picture will be taken as quick as you can press the button.


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They are most probably using Digital SLR's or Film SLR's with motor drives! I dont know of any "Point Shoot" cameras that have a processing speed good enough for what you are describing.

How ever, with a decent "Point & Shoot" you will get much better processing speed & much longer "Burst" length if you use a High Speed memory card in it.

On my Canon IXUS 850IS(Powershot 800IS) with; flash-OFF, ISO-400, Quality-Superfine, resolution-3072x2304, Multishot-ON.
With the standard SD card it will do about 5 pictures then stop and process for about 5sec.
With High speed SD card like a x188 or higher....it just keeps snapin photos until you decide to take your finger off the shutter or the card runs out! I just did 51 pics in 30secs.

If you really want to be like the Paparazzi, then i suggest you buy one of these....not exactly what you'd call a Point and shoot though.


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the kodak i had to get my wife for her photography class can do around 8-40 depending on the quality and the megapixel size she is shooting at.