Compaq Presario SR1080UK

Discussion in 'Desktop Computers' started by Jimbob1989, Jun 27, 2004.

  1. Jimbob1989

    Jimbob1989 banned

    Were thinking about buying this pc and I wondered if anyone had any preference.

    Intel Pentium 4 - 302Ghz
    With Hyperthreading technology
    Intel 848P Chipset
    800Mhz bus speed
    level 2 cache 512KB
    Windows Xp Home Edition

    1GB DDR-SDRAM 400Mhz
    2 Dimm Sockets
    Max Memoery 2GB

    250GB Serial ATA hard drive (7200rpm)
    DVD Drive 16x max
    HP DVD writer +R/-R 8x
    Floppy Drive
    9in1 Memory card reader

    Wireless Lan 802.11g/b

    Nvidia geForce FX 5500
    256MB Video Memory

    Integrated AC '97 sound solutions

    5 Expansion bays
    1 AGP
    3 Pci (1 free)
    7 USB 2.0 Ports
    2 Firewire Interface-IEEE-1394 (1 in front)
    1 parrallel port
    1 serial port
    front audio
    tv out

  2. Jimbob1989

    Jimbob1989 banned

    Come on people. What u think?

  3. Praetor

    Praetor Administrator Staff Member

    I'd up the motherboard to the Canterwood/Springdale chipsets..... I'd look for ones running the i865PE chipset because they are in all but name, the same as the i875s :)

    As for the videocard, you may be interested in jumping to the GFX5600 or GFX5700... much more bang for the buck and not much horribly more expensive
  4. Alin.s

    Alin.s New Member

    nah go for a ati radeon
  5. Praetor

    Praetor Administrator Staff Member

    If you're gonna reccomend something, at least give a reason or indication of your line of thinking. Furthermore, the Radeon line of graphics cards is quite extensive -- which Radeon did you have in mind? If its the Radeon9600 then sure that's a fair card considering the GFX5700 and the Radeon9600 are about on par with each other and costwise are in the same ballpark

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