Computer case?


I have a DVD, two 3 1/2" hard drives, and two SSD drives that I want to put into my computer case with a clear side so I can see my CPU fan. I look on amazon and I can't see or figure out if they are some cases that I can buy to fit my needs. I don't want to spend more than $100. I don't want to buy a case and find out it won't work for me. What a mess that would be.


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Most new ones don't have any external 5.25" bays such as for traditional DVD writers.

Otherwise it's basically just matching the style, form factor (ATX, microATX, or mini ITX) to your motherboard, and any other features like drive bay count.


I think the Fractal Define series of cases (Define R6, S2, 7, etc) still have an optional 5.25" drive bay you can use in the front and they all have tempered glass side panels available. They're expensive though.