computer display issue, not driver


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screen gets brighter and dimmer and ripples, all on left side. starts and stops very rhythmically.

See here:

reset and delete driver didnt help. all win 10 updates are current. cant find the driver on HP site. then list like 25 different drivers for this computer and none for win 10 19044.2075

as soon as win loads it starts.

HP 24-e025t All-in-One PC



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Its either a bad monitor, cable, or the actual onboard video chipset is starting to go. And since this is an all in one, its gonna be hard to track down.

There is an HDMI output on the back to where you can try hooking up a second monitor to see if it works correctly. Other than that this machine is roughly 5 years old and out of warranty so it may just be time to get a new one but I wouldn't recommend getting another all in one though.


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swapped screen with screen from a 24-e005z and its all better